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When using Egypt’s Essence Hair & Skin Oil which is packed with a combination of CBD and other beneficial nutrients. Argan Oil which is high in oleic acid, a fatty acid rich in Omega-9, that primates healthy hair and skin. CBD has vitamin E, which naturally moisturize and a conditioning agent for your hairs
Suggested Use: Pour a few drops of oil into palm of hand.  Spread on both palms and between fingers.  Apply throughout hair onto skin. For scalp apply a few drops and massage.  A little bit goes a long way

-Uniquely blended with CBD and Argan Oil
-Rich in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids
- Great for hydrating and nurishing hair and skin
-An effective moisturizer for all skin and hair types
- Rich in Vitamin E supporting healthy hair and skin
-Great for dry, itchy and irritable skin
- Feels great on skin and hair

Hair & Skin Oil

$54.97 Regular Price
$41.23Sale Price
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