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CBD Replenishing Conditioner

Egypt's Essence signature Conditioner is a blend of premium CBD and other high quality ingredients, which are excellent for moisturizing and softening hair, while locking in nutrients, and works great to combat split ends and prevent breakage. Along with 100mg of CBD, this unique conditioner is rich in Vitamin B and Keratin. This fantastic combination acts as a natural moisturizer and conditioning agent for your hair. Our signature Conditioner with CBD enriches and replenishes moisture, while giving your hair the nourishment it needs!


Suggested Use: Apply to wet hair after shampooing and massage gently. Leave on for one to three minutes and rinse.

Egypt's Essence Conditioner 8oz

  • - Enriched with CBD and Keratin
    - Excellent for moisturizing, softening and nourishing hair
    - Aids in combating split ends and breakage
    - 24-hour frizz control
    - Noticeably smoother and softer hair
    - Provides vital nourishment to promote healthier and fuller hair
    - Blended with proteins for added hair health
    - Can be used with all hair types, color-treated and processed hair
    - Sulfate free
    - Contains <0.3% THC on a dry-weight basis